League of Women Voters of Elmhurst
Voters Guide for the General Primary Election: March 20, 2018

Democratic Candidate for County Board District 2 — Claire Goldenberg

1. What is the best way for county government to advance economic development and green technology?

In order to advance economic development in our county we need to find ways to implement education, job and language programs that will result in better opportunities for our residents to find higher paying jobs.  Free junior college and targeted internship programs starting in high school, will encourage companies to locate here due to our skilled and educated work force resulting in an economic boom for all of us.

Green Technology is an initiative I am very interested in.  I am an avid recycler, composter and no pesticide gardener. I want to develop environmental and sustainability programs in schools to encourage student engagement.  I will highlight the benefits of programs like “Freecycle” and the long term benefits of building Green and promoting green energy for all county facilities.  We can work to develop codes for more efficient building in our county and attract green technology businesses through county incentives.

2. Do you see a need to consolidate functions, streamline processes, reduce head-count, and lower expenses in county government? If so, what do you propose?

I will promote the Chairman’s ACT initiative because it is exactly how the government should be run – ACT stands for: Action, Consolidation and Transparency.  This is a good start to reducing redundancies and promoting innovation into our government.  However, in practice, the board falls short of these goals.  The citizens have lost their trust in the government to implement consolidation fairly.   The Board must reflect the voters not the corporate money that buys elections.  I plan to work diligently to ensure the county does not operate in the shadows.   The will of the people, not corporations should be our mandate.  Therefore, we need to encourage our residents to be more involved – knowledge and participation are the keys.  Change is often challenging but we can create an environment that will be open to new ideas if our messaging is compelling.

3. If elected, what three specific initiatives would you like to accomplish during the upcoming term in office?

a.) First of all, we need broader transparency in government and I am excited to promote a Participatory program.  I will work to create a communication system where the residents of DuPage can utilize technology and surveys to inform us about what is important to them and their well-being.  When matters come up for discussion, votes, public comment, we can push this information to those residents, who can weigh in and make their voice and opinion heard BEFORE the Board votes something into the record.

b.) I am concerned about Civil Rights and Social Justice: I will work with local leaders and look to other communities and learn what programs work best and implement and promote comparable outreach programs here in DuPage.

c.) I will champion the needs of the poor and disabled.  Over the last decade DuPage has grown and diversified.  Sadly we have a growing population of families who do not have enough food to eat and children in our county go hungry.  I would like to work with organizations that help with before and after school programs that include meals for these children and expand them and implement in places where they are needed and will have an immediate impact.

4. Where do you stand on elected County Board officials participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement System?

As part time elected officials, County Board members have no place participating in the municipal retirement program.  This is an unnecessary and expensive benefit that must be eliminated to control our budget. It is not an equitable system for our government officials that have these benefits paid for by a population that often has to decide to purchase medicine over food for their families.

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