League of Women Voters of Elmhurst
Voters Guide for the General Primary Election: March 20, 2018

Democratic Candidate for County Board District 2 — Arlene Kendorski

Opening Statement

Good afternoon everyone I would like to thank the League of Women Voters for this opportunity to share my beliefs and ideas to the voters of DuPage County especially those in District 2. I would also like to say good afternoon to the other two women running for this position. This will allow us to show ways that we may be similar and highlight where we may have differences

After attending County Board meetings regularly since January 2017 I have come to believe the people of DuPage County would be better served by a board that was more representative of the diverse population of the county. By being a women and a Democrat I am taking steps to do that. Other areas of diversity are seen in candidates for the other districts. With more diversity I would hope to see more active involvement by board members. Currently involvement is mostly limited to questions and clarification asked only by Member Chaplin.

1. What is the best way for county government to advance economic development and green technology?

The best way for the county government to advance economic development is for the county to enhance and expand county programs that benefit business. Working with schools, the College of DuPage, and Labor Union apprentice programs we can assure a robust, well educated and trained group of potential employees. Public transportation enhancement and expansion is also needed.I have attended several Public Transportation Committee meetings. I know that Pace, Metro etc work actively with the county but I feel there needs to be a push to give the residents of DuPage  more information on what is available, I believe with more information there will be a growth in ridership which can spiral into improvements.

The county can advance green technology by imbedding more green technology criteria whenever the county looks to improve and expand programs and services. Although some information such as agendas for example, can de found online. The county does not promote all the information available online so printed material is still printed for all meetings. Many people still do not think of going to the county website to get information.

The county should model green technology and reward businesses that employ it in their operations. The county should use its influence in promoting more green technology in business uses of green energy. Besides commercial businesses, public transportation, schools, local governments and community organizations could work with the county in innovations in green energy use. Reaching out to those groups should be part of the county’s vision.

2. Do you see a need to consolidate functions, streamline processes, reduce head-count, and lower expenses in county government? If so, what do you propose?

Consolidation and streaming are ideas that many are seeing as ways to make budgets stretch. I believe that when consolidation is considered the legal and logistical detail need to take place first. The consolidation of Lisle and Naperville Townships Highway Commission was voted on in April 2017 and is still not in place because of implementing difficulties. Streamling is also being looked at more but it is not a panacea. Streamling changes that are troublesome or inconvenient for residents may not be well received by voters and may not even be cost effective in the long run.

3. If elected, what three specific initiatives would you like to accomplish during the upcoming term in office?

First, I would like to see the County Board should so away with highly paid lobbyists . Our county board members should and do have contacts with local, state, and federal officials. Neighboring counties do not paid lobbyist, County Board members do the lobbying for them.

Second, I would like to see at least one of the two of the monthly meeting be held in the evening. Having all day time meeting limits the people who can run to people who can take off from work during the day without financial implications. It also limits inperson attendance by residents who what a complete picture of the  interactions during the meeting not possible by recorded meetings.

Third, I would like to change  “comments” to “comments and questions” on the agenda. I would also like to add a second spot for it on the agenda right before adjournment. Currently the only way to comment about what happened during the business part of the meeting is to come back in two weeks,

My initiatives would save money and increase citizen input!

4. Where do you stand on elected County Board officials participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement System?

As a newly elected member, because of an action signed into place by Governor Rauner,   I do not think I am eligible. I would like to see salary decreasd to the amount before the last raise or lower. If action was taken to reinstate IMRF thoses decreases would also decrease IMRF. I would also expect reliable and verifiable records to be kept and submitted to show proof of the requirement of time  spent on county board business( not including “photo ops)”to be at least 1000 hours  to receive IMRF compensation.

Closing Statement

I want to thank the League of Women Voters and our moderator Barbara Yong for making this forum possible. I want to thank the other candidates for their cooperation and thoughtful answers. I want to thank all of you for coming and want implore all of you to vote in the primary. Your vote, every vote is important. If you take a Democratic Party ballot you will see that there is a very complete slate of candidates. Many people have worked very hard to make sure you have capable, vote worthy candidates. Remember if you don’t vote you really cannot complain about happens.

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan political organization, neither supports nor opposes any candidate.

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