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Mayor DiCianni Proposes to Open Council Meetings With a Prayer

At the January 19, 2010 Elmhurst City Council meeting, after recognizing newly ordained Bishop Joe Siegel, former pastor of Elmhurst's Visitation Parish, Mayor Pete DiCianni suggested that each City Council meeting be opened with a prayer from leaders of all faiths within the community.

At this time, Aldermen Rose, Mulliner, Bram, Leader, Gutenkauf, Shea and Pezza, who have expressed their support to open dialogue on any change in conducting the Council's regular business, have requested that the Finance & Council Affairs Committee take the Mayor's proposal under consideration to discuss the purpose and logistics.

Below is the e-mail dialogue between the League and the Mayor regarding this proposal:

School District 205 Concerns

To view the slide show presented at our October 2009 meeting, click here, but first, a message

From our President, Laura Kratz:

The materials presented here are those used for our October 22, 2009 program covering recent actions of Elmhurst School District 205.

The League began this project back in July 2009 after hearing member and community concerns about the many changes the District had been making and about controversy surrounding the purchase of the building at 162 South York.

We undertook this project because we believe our dedication to monitoring local governmental bodies over a long period of time combined with our experience researching governmental issues and action would provide the community with an alternate source of information on the issues.

Furthermore, as a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active citizen participation in government, we also knew we could offer the community a unique opportunity to engage in an open civic discussion on areas of concern.


Concerns about the District's Budget Process
Read our Open Letter to School District 205 on the Budget Process , and Superintendent Lynn Krizic's response.

On Monday, September 7, 2009, we submitted, via e-mail, a series of questions to the District 205 adminstration about the 2009-2010 Budget, which you can view here. On September 9, 2009, we recevied responses to those questions. More questions and answers can be found here and here.