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Glossary of League Terms

Action: All levels of League can take a variety of actions to support their programs: lobbying legislatures in support or opposition to legislation, monitoring programs, surveying the public, writing op ed pieces, etc.

Concurrence: The act of agreeing with position statements formulated by another League or Leagues.

Consensus: Consensus is not a simple majority, nor is it unanimity, but refers to the overall "sense of the group." The word refers to the collective opinion of League members on a particular issue, and the deliberative process used to reach that opinion.

Convention: Delegates from local Leagues meet in odd numbered years to elect officers and directors, adopt program, budget and changes in the bylaws. The delegate body may also make action motions and give direction to the board.

Council: A biennial meeting of delegates held in even numbered years to adopt a budget. Changes in program may also be adopted.

Inter-League Organization: An affiliation of local or state Leagues with its own by-laws and program.

Nonpartisan Policy: Article II, Section 2 of the LWVUS bylaws: "The League may take action on governmental measures and policies in the public interest. It shall not support or oppose any political party or candidate."

Observer Corp: League members who observe and report on meetings of public bodies.

Per Member Payment (PMP): Amount paid by members through their local Leagues to LWVIL and LWVUS to support the cost of membership in those levels of League.

Portfolio: The particular area of responsibility of a League board member.

Position: A statement of the League's stand on a particular issue. Positions may be arrived at by member consensus or concurrence and are adopted by the appropriate League board.

Program: Statements of positions maintained by the membership on governmental issues and issues under study by the membership.

Program Planning: Leagues review their programs annually at the local level, and biennially at state and national levels. Members may vote to make any of the following recommendations for each item of their program:

Retain: Members are committed to the position and win continue to support it.

Drop: Position is no longer useful in its present form or is not supported by members. Action will end. Any further action will require adoption of a new study.

Update: A study of limited scope to reevaluate a position in light of new information, changed circumstances, and/or conflict with another position. The aim is to consider position change.

Voters Service: Activities which provide nonpartisan, factual information to citizens to make them politically aware and effective. These activities are usually associated with electoral process.

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