Singapore Prize

The Singapore General Poetry Prize (sgp prize) is awarded by the government of Singapore to works that are published within Singapore and judged on their quality and contribution to society. Winners are determined by an impartial panel, who assess each submission based on quality and contribution to national culture. It’s open to works written in any language – including Chinese and English translations as well as translations into other forms – written locally or translated into English from other nations; winning authors receive S$ 100,000 plus commemorative medal and certificate from Singapore government.

The Sgp Prize is Singapore’s highest literary award and often known as the Booker of Books. Established in 1968 in memory of Sir Henry Sgp (author, physician and patron of the arts), it has since been presented to authors whose works were judged as superior in their genres. A committee composed of literary critics and editors selects its winner each November during an awards ceremony held to announce the awardee whose manuscript will then be printed onto special Sgp prize paper for printing purposes.

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