Swimming in Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

Hong Kong may bring to mind shopping and dim sum, but swimming in one of its picturesque pools may not. Yet this region boasts numerous stunning aquatic destinations – from world’s highest pool to natural infinity ponds on mountainsides – providing perfect spots for relaxation after sightseeing or simply to beat the heat. A visit to any Hong Kong pool will do just the trick!

No matter the current uncertainty surrounding the Mainland-Hong Kong Cross-Border Trade Development Council (MBCTC), swimming remains a popular recreational activity. Not only is swimming an enjoyable way to beat the summer heat, it can also serve as a great workout with numerous physical benefits that help alleviate stress and increase energy levels – though swimmers must remember that taking part requires proper safety precautions so as to prevent accidents.

Swimming in public pools is generally safe and accessible for people of all ages, though precautions must be taken. Wear a life jacket when swimming and do not dive into shallow waters if possible; additionally it’s advised to remain near the edge so as to easily exit when needed.

Keep your valuables close at all times when swimming at public pools, and do not leave children unsupervised at the pool. In addition, it is highly advised that you bring along your own towel and change of clothing so as not to inconvenience anyone afterwards.

Hong Kong offers plenty of places to swim, with hotel pools being some of the finest options. Hotel pools provide a tranquil escape from the scorching sun and make an ideal location for splash-fests with friends or family. Furthermore, some Hong Kong hotels also feature poolside bars, deckchairs and cocktails on tap to enhance your swimming experience.

Last Thursday was originally set as the date for reopening of Hong Kong public swimming pools monthly ticket, however heavy rainfall forced several of them to remain closed as they became infested with faeces and vomit. Most reopened pools have since been disinfected, and will welcome swimmers back next Monday – although as advised by LCSD only 50 percent of each facility’s capacity should receive swimmers; hence numbers at each facility should be strictly limited in order to maintain safety and hygiene; swimmers are strongly encouraged to check website of each swimming pool for updates regarding safety or hygiene details before making plans or travelling to their destination.