Hong Kong Pools

Hong Kong offers plenty of public swimming pools, as well as private ones run by hotels that can provide some private time, top-of-the-line facilities or breathtaking views – making its swimming pools an essential component of travel to this city.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department operates 22 public swimming pools throughout Hong Kong. Each of these pools features both a 50m pool for adults, as well as shallow pools geared toward kids, water slides and jacuzzis – the entrance fee on weekdays and weekends is typically 17HKD or 19HKD respectively with discounts being given for people with disabilities, seniors aged 60 or above, children ages 3-13 years, full-time students as well as people over 60 who make discounted purchases of tickets for them all at the same time.

There are also private pools within the city, some catering specifically to families. These family-oriented pools can provide parents with quality time together while not having the financial means for an expensive spa break or resort stay. These family-oriented pools tend to be smaller than public ones and feature facilities like water slides, kiddie playrooms and saunas for added fun!

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Hong Kong, many residents have avoided outdoor environments in favor of indoor pools. But now that the virus appears to have subsided somewhat, more and more people are beginning to return outdoors, swimming at one of Hong Kong’s numerous pools and enjoying swimming outdoors again. Cases have now dropped significantly to low single or double digit numbers compared with its peak around early 2017 but all should continue taking precautionary steps such as not going into public areas or using communal toilets.

Are You Searching For A Place To Swim in Hong Kong? Look No Further! The Hong Kong Aquatics Centre offers one of the most stunning pools in town. From its beautiful architecture to fantastic facilities, visitors will love this experience!

This pool offers an ideal setting for socialising, with plenty of seating around its edges and a cafe on site. Furthermore, public transport services are readily accessible nearby and it’s only a short walk to Causeway Bay’s shopping area.

Additionally, there are other smaller pools located throughout the city with unique characteristics – for instance Castle Peak Bay Marina Pool offers a tranquil tropical retreat that allows all swimmers to experience its relaxing waters.

Aquatic Centre at Wan Chai Sports Ground offers another popular pool, boasting a 25-metre training and teaching pool heated with large outdoor decking for sunbathing or taking a refreshing dip after exploring the city.