Sydney Daily News – Sdy Pools – A Natural Whirlpool

sdy pools

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Australia offers some unusual pools that resemble natural whirlpools called Figure 8 Pools, located within Sydney’s Royal National Park – one of the oldest national parks worldwide. Here, the water is clean enough for swimming while enjoying stunning views. You may also come across plenty of wildlife which makes visiting here an amazing experience.

No one was exactly certain what caused the problem at the pool, but it is believed that two chemicals used for chlorination and cleaning of swimming pools were accidentally mixed together when they should not have been. Once released into the air, these fumes began lingering until the area was evacuated by firefighters who worked to dilute and vent off any air contaminants present in the facility.

For now, the pool will remain closed until further notice as officials work to identify its cause and possible preventative solutions. In the interim, a contractor will conduct cleaning and treatment services before opening again once this issue has been solved.