July 5, 2024

Hong Kong is famous for its shopping, dim sum and swimming facilities – so much so that when visitors think of Hong Kong they often associate these activities with swimming pools! But you might be amazed to know the city boasts an astonishing variety of picturesque pools from natural mountainside infinity pools to an indoor complex featuring the world’s highest pool!

The Ritz-Carlton pool is an eye-catcher due to its stunning view and altitude, but there are other impressive options out there as well. Kerry Hotel’s outdoor pool provides a relaxing ocean-like setting, enhanced with lush green landscape and tropical plants for an invigorating and holiday-like experience – the ideal spot for dipping your toes in water!

YMCA Bridges Street Centre is an excellent indoor option in Hongkong, built in 1918 as a recreational and sports centre located within an historic complex and offering relatively competitive pricing compared to other Hongkong pools. Plus, swimming lessons at this facility make getting kids swimming easy!

Since the dissolution of Urban Council and Regional Council at the turn of this millennium, public swimming pool operations have fallen under the care of Leisure and Cultural Services Department. They implemented various measures to deal with lifeguard shortage, including raising salary of seasonal lifeguards as well as recruiting them on two-year contracts – but some public swimming pools have yet to reopen completely despite these attempts.

One of the best ways to experience Hong Kong’s skyline is from its waters, and there are plenty of breathtaking pools from which you can do so. At Island Shangri-La’s pool you’ll not only be treated to breathtaking sights but also be able to take in scenic views across Victoria Harbor and beyond – its deck is decorated with palm trees and other tropical foliage, creating a relaxing environment perfect for unwinding after a stressful day at work or school.

Pao Yue Kong Pool, situated just west of Hong Kong Island and offering breathtaking views of mountains and cityscape. Surrounded by greenery, this scenic pool provides the perfect place for people watching. This must-see pool should not be missed when visiting Hong Kong!